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Granite Myths

  • Not all granites are "true" granites however for commercial purposes they are grouped together.
  • Granite will scratch and chip when abused however it can be repaired!
  • Granite can stain however it is possible for it to be removed.
  • Not all granites need to be sealed.
  • If a granite needs to be sealed, do it since this will avoid most problems.
  • Sealing correctly is not a five minute job. Take care and time and do it properly.
  • Granite sealed correctly will last for many years before "topping up".
  • Granite does not contain harmful radon gases.
  • Granite does not come from only mountainous regions.
  • Thin and long narrow lengths of granite will break easily.
  • If the granite surface is not correctly prepared (bottomed out) it may lose its polish.
  • Granite is not expensive in comparison to other so-called quality materials.
  • Granite is not difficult to clean, mild soap and water is all that is generally required.
  • Granite is not man-made and does not come from a factory mold! Each piece is unique.

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