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Care and maintenence information for your surface!

Maintenance for natural stone is fairly easy. It is recommended to re-seal your surfaces periodically. Each stone has a different hardness and we encourage sealing lighter surfaces once or twice a year. Darker surface may not have to be sealed all that often.  Click on this link for more information http://www.marble-institute.com/stoneprofessionals/commercial_care_clean.pdf

The easiest way to clean your surface can be done with a moist hand-towel and a few drops of mild hand soap. Just wipe the surface with the moist hand towel and dry the area with a dry towel afterward.

You can also remove any residue built-up with the mild hot hand-soap or while using a razorblade going sideways such as if you were removing residue from a glass surface.  Fine 0000 steel wool that you can purchase at the local home improvement store is also a great cleaning tool.

Pease visit the Marble Institute website if you like to get additional information http://www.marble-institute.com/stoneprofessionals/commercial_care_clean.pdf

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